The Black Soldier Fly Hermetia Illucens

We develop innovative technologies associated with the cultivation of the Black Soldier Fly. We process resulting biomass into products with unique properties.

The Black Soldier Fly Hermetia Illucens is an extraordinary insect.
Various vegetables, including low-cost and not suitable for consumption vegetables serve as a feed substrate for the black soldier fly. In the first two weeks of its life, the black soldier fly rapidly gains weight, processing the feed substrate into valuable protein and fat.

Feed for poultry, reptiles and fish

Adult insects and larvae are widely known throughout the world as an excellent feed for poultry, reptiles and fish with a high content of calcium and protein. A large scale application of this feed in agriculture was not possible due to technological difficulties in the process of growing. But only until recently. Today we have been able to master the technology of cultivating larvae of the black soldier fly on an industrial scale.

10 tons of feedstock per day

Our production facilities allow us to process up to 10 tons of feed per day. Thus, we are the largest producer of products from the black soldier fly larvae in Russia.
The use of vegetable raw materials only allows us to obtain the safest product that meets sanitary and veterinary standards. The technology and equipment used allows preserving the biological assets of the larvae and its products.


Live larvae

Живая личинка Черной львинки (Hermetia illucens)

Dried larvae

"Hermetia" fat

Organic fertilizer Biohumus "Hermetia"

удобрение биогумус Гермеция

Protein concentrate


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