Black Soldier Fly fat “Hermetia”

Fatty acid composition

Capric acid 1,1%
Lauric acid 46,7%
Myristic acid 7,8%
Myristoleic acid 0,2%
Pentadecanoic acid 0,1%
Palmitic acid 10,6%
Palmitoleic acid 2,2%
Stearic acid 1,8%
Oleic acid 16%
Linoleic acid 11,2%
Linolenic acid 1,6%

General information

Description: The fat of the black soldier fly is obtained by pressing and extracting fat from the biomass of the larvae.
Composition: 100% fat of black soldier fly larvae.
Application: Recommended use in feed corp production, soap making, cosmetology and pharmaceuticals.
Physical properties: Melting point: 400 ° C Smell: specific, not sharp, not saprogenic, mild
Color: from white to brown.
Safety performance: Non toxic
Аnaerobe bacteria – absent
Salmonella – absent
Escherichia coli – absent
Proteus – absent
Packaging: Barrels of …, …, …, liters
Shelf life: 12 months

Total Fatty Acids

Saturated fatty acids 68,3%
Monounsaturated fatty acids 18,9%
Polyunsaturated fatty acids 12,8%
Omega 3 1,6%
Omega 6 11,2%
Omega 9 16,4%

Contains natural antioxidant – MELANIN