Live larvae of the Black Soldier Fly (Hermetia illucens)

Живая личинка Черной львинки (Hermetia illucens)

General information

Description: Live larvae of the Black Soldier Fly (Hermetia illucens). Larvae length up to 25 mm, width up to 5 mm – depending on age.
Composition: 100% black soldier fly larvae.
Application: Used as live food for insectivorous animals, poultry, reptiles, amphibians and fish. Used as a live bait in fishing. Affordable alternative to fishing maggots of blowflies. Removing the larvae at different ages, we get a larvae of different sizes – from 10 to 25 mm.
Physical properties: Smell: specific, not sharp, not saprogenic, mild
Color: from white to black.
Safety performance: Non toxic
Аnaerobe bacteria – absent
Salmonella – absent
Escherichia coli – absent
Proteus – absent
Packaging: … ml containers
Storage conditions: The adult larvae and the propupa should be stored for up to 4 weeks at a temperature of 8-120С.
Young larva should be stored for up to 2 months at a temperature of 10-250C.

Quality indicators

Crude protein 11,08%
Crude fat 9,27%
Humidity 80%
Crude ash 1,36%
Chitin 1,18%
Easily digestible carbohydrates 0,59%
Calcium 0,32%
Phosphorus 0,21%
Sodium chloride 0,07%
Potassium 0,32%

Amino acid composition

Alanine 0,60%
Arginine 0,41%
Aspartic acid 0,81%
Amino isovaleric acid 0,41%
Histidine 0,29%
Glycine 0,48%
Glutamic acid 1,02%
Isoleucine 0,31%
Leucine 0,56%
Lysine 0,51%
Methionine 0,15%
Proline 0,57%
Serine 0,37%
Tyrosine 0,53%
Threonine 0,37%
Phenylalanil 0,33%
Cystine 0,23%

Direct alternative to fish meal in feed compounds without recalculating recipes for an increase in productivity.

Biologically active substances of the black soldier fly larvae allow the animal to use the nutrients in the feed more efficiently, saving on the input of expensive components.

Black Soldier Fly (Hermetici illucens), as a feeding crop

Catching the ORFE using the RING, on the Larvae of the “BLACK SOLDIER FLY”

Super catch of the ORFE using the RING, on the Larvae of the “BLACK SOLDIER FLY”

Pets food intake supplement or the basis for the intake

Ideal source of protein and calcium for pets

The best bait for big fish

Effective supplement to the food intake of farm livestock and poultry

Contains natural antioxidant – MELANIN