Organic fertilizer complex

удобрение биогумус Гермеция

General information

Description: Organic fertilizer containing nutrients in an accessible form for plants. Improves soil structure, increases breathability. Restores the soil microflora. Contains the components stimulating germination of seeds and development of plants.
Composition: 100% organic fertilizer based on waste products of black soldier fly larvae.
Application: Used as a source of macro and microelements, a soil conditioner. Enriches depleted soil with useful microflora.
Physical properties: Smell: specific, not sharp, not saprogenic
Color: from gray to brown.
Product form: in bulk and pellets.
Packaging: Bags of 10 liters
Shelf life: 12 months

Guaranteed indicators

N, not less than 3%
P2O5, not less than 3%
K2O, not less than 3%
Mg, not less than 0,3%
C 35-45%
S, mg / kg, not less than 300
Mn, mg / kg, not less than 200
Fe, mg / kg, not less than 6000
Cu, mg / kg, not less than 10
Zn, mg / kg, not less than 70
B, mg / kg, not less than 10

Recommended application rates

Brand name Crop Fertilizer dose Time, method and features of the application Frequency
Vegetable crops, strawberries, garden flowers 200-500 g/m2 Application during digging or pre-sowing loosening of the soil with the incorporation of fertilizer at a shallow depth: 2-3 t/ha on well-cultivated soils, 3-5 t/ha on weakly cultivated soils 1
Wild strawberry 200-500 g/m2 Fertilizing in the spring or after harvesting by surface application with embedding at a shallow depth; 2-3 t/ha in well-cultivated soils, 3-5 t/ha in weakly cultivated soils 1
Fruit trees and shrubs 300-500 g/m2 circle around the tree trunk Fertilizing in the spring after the snow melt or after harvesting 1
Ornamental shrubs and trees 300-400 g/plant (shrubs),
500-600 g/plant (tree)
Plant root fertilizing at the beginning of the growing season 1

Biologically active elements available for plants

Natural antinematode

Activates the soil microbiocenosis

The test results of Organic fertilizer Biohumus “Hermetia”on vegetable crops